Saturday, March 14, 2009

"They no longer sell cheesecake balls! GASP! Arby's it is!"

"In Table 1 write the maximum number of electrons that can fill each energy level. Then write the total number electrons for each element. For each element, assign the proper amount of electron levels for the proper amount of energy levels. Complete Table 2 by using the information from the six elements studied."

If anyone could tell me what all this phsyco mumbo jumbo means, that would be greatly appreciated.

School has yet to begin, and somehow I am ALREADY sick of IPC.

I really have no idea what to do on this horribly confusing paper, and seeing as I am completely stumped, I'm not doing it. Screw IPC, I'll take a 0, for crying out loud.

I'm also quite irritated because this dang computer, in which has worked fine all the days before this one, is going ridiculously slow, and keeps lagging, forcing me to violently punch the side of the computer.

It actually helps a little, though.

Oh, AND I can't find a nice, respectable car for a reasonable price. Even though I was certain I wouldn't get one, it would still be comforting to know that they DO exist. However, now I know that they don't.

Maybe I should buy a boat instead. I think that'd be exciting. I could like just go out on the lake everytime I got upset. Although, knowing me, I'd probably get lost at sea, and eventually eaten by a giant squid or something.

Except those don't exist in lakes, I don't think. Oh well, something would surely eat me. And then everyone would be wandering where I went. Soon enough, they'd call the police and there would be helicopters and search groups looking for me EVERYWHERE. However, little would they know, they are wasting every bit of their time, because I'm somewhere inside of a big scary animal.

...Maybe a boat isn't such a good idea.

I'm going to go TRY and do my algebra, which I'm sure I can't do that EITHER.

And then I'm going to eat, because all I've eaten this entire day, was frosted flakes.

Then I think I'll write a short story of me being eaten by a giant squid and every looking for me. Haha yes, that sounds like a good idea.

If it isn't obvious, my lack of sleep is catching up with me.

I need coffee.

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