Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Until you've faced all the mistakes you've made...you will never change. -one tree hill

So, I'm pretty dang sick.

I've got the stomache virus AND the flu. Also known as, the "virul flu". It's pretty exciting that I'm able to up, and blogging because up until this point, everytime I moved, pain would overwhelm my body, and my stomache would become super nausiated.

However, I'm all doped up on medicine, so although I'm not feeling great, I AM feeling quite a bit better. There will be no school tomorrow, but hopefully I'll be back by Thursday.

Not only am I sick, I am STRESSED. I really hate missing school because in high school, you miss one day, and you're lost for weeks.

I am aware that while I'm gone, the work and stress shall pile up more and more, and I will be taking every stinking final instead of getting out for summer a week early, but oh well.

My friends and I decided we'd just study for our finals together. Who really cares if I bomb them. It's the week before Summer, I doubt I'll study too hard, haha.

Anyway, enough of that. I'm going to share with you, something I find pretty amazing.


Last night was One Tree Hill. If you know me even the slightest, you should know that I am One Tree Hill's biggest fan. Tis true, I'm obsessed.

Anyway, there are always super good quotes on the show, and I'm always thinking "Oh I have to remember that!"..."Ah! I've got to write that down..", and yet, I never do.

However, this one stung my brain, and has not left it since.

Here it is:

"Sometimes the beauty, is in the attempt."

I know, it doesn't seem like much. But, wow. It was pretty dang deep. Especially since it was coming from the heartless douche bag of the show.

I REALLY love that quote.

I think that sometimes people try so hard to get so far, and they set their mind on getting somewhere, or doing something. When something happens, or things go wrong, it's immediate downfall, and known as a failure. We mope, and mope, and soon enough we move on- yet still with an incomplete heart, and the thought, "What if...?" roaming our brains.

If and when this type of situation occurs, we should step back, and take a look at what we've just lost. Not to put yourself through misery, but to see and notice what you've gained from the seemingly unfortunate event.

What I'm saying, is that sometimes we don't notice that most of our blessings come from what we considered to be a bad situation.

"The good things in life, come from the bad."

So, I've learned, and hopefully brought to your attention that not every bad thing, or everytime we fail is wasted time and effort. Most of the time, something wonderful came of it, and we didn't realize.

That is why we need to pay more attention to those things- the little things.

Because in the end, the little things are what matter most.

---Another cool thing the heartless douche bag said,

"Sometimes life gets us down, boys. Now you can either sit in the park like hobos and regret the effort, or you can celebrate the friendships made, and the fun time you had doing it, lift your head up, and prepare yourself for the next thing life throws at you. Because that's what we do boys...that's what we know."

If I could watch One Tree Hill 24/7, I so would.

I'm in love with it.

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