Saturday, March 28, 2009

"Hey! Look! Joe Jonas! fifty years!"

I am in absolute 'Aw', right now.

Sometimes God just randomly adds to my fire.

I've found that "fire" is quite the parable, I guess you'd say, of my journey with the Lord. I'd say so, anyway.

Fire tends to represent love, and passion, right? And not only that, it grows/spreads quickly, and easily? Am I right?

So, there ya go. Fire it is, haha.

Anyway, we shall move on now.

I'd say my relationship with God is quite spectacular. It's developed so much. Going from the typical, "church every Sunday, pray every night, christian is my stereotype", to the uniquely special, compassionate, experienced LOVE.

It's unbelievable, the things my Father in Heaven supplies/does for me. He provides protection for me, everywhere I go, and a promised identity.

I've learned recently that prayers are often answered when you have faith.

I think that often we find ourselves praying, yet still worrying, and expecting the worst. Someone very special taught me to have faith. It's gone a long way with me, and I'm so glad that person has brought it to my attention.

Quite often, I'll be running or working out, or maybe just walking or sitting in class, and I'll have some sort of pain. It sounds weird I know, but sometimes my ankles will start to ache terribly, or I'll get a killer headache.

I just pray for God's power to come into me, and defeat that pain that's bothering me. After that prayer, I do everything in my power to BELIEVE that it's going to stop. I assure myself, God's taking care of it.


He does! :)

I'm telling you people, your Father God WANTS you to have faith in Him.

After all, why WOULDN'T we have faith in Him? Look at what all He's done, and what He's capable of. There is NOTHING He cannot do.

So have faith, and believe in His power, and what He can do with it. Trust Him to do what's best. I promise He knows more then you, haha.

God is really working through me, these days, and I'm so excited about it. The world is changing for the worst, and I believe God is preparing me to stand up for Him. I think He's getting me ready and polishing me up, so that when the Earth falls apart, and all the Christians who once loved God give up, maybe He'll give me the strength to keep going, no matter what the consequences may bring.

I want to live for GOD! And that's exactly what I'm going to do.

Everyday I'm praying for strength in will, and courage. YOU SHOULD TOO! We're going to need it! Especially in the world today.

Okay, these are basically random thoughts going around my crazy mind, and I'm pretty much just typing whatever comes to the surface.

I'm sure no one's interested, so I'll stop, and end on this:

God loves you. [duh].
You say that you love Him too.
WHICH, you probably honestly do.

But the love, that He's given me, and so many others, is unbelievably refreshing, and amazing. With every breath I take, I feel love. God is living through me, and has opened my heart to so many things.

It's such a wonderful experience, and I'm not giving it up!

Pray for this zeal, and love toward God!

He's ready to do GREAT things with you =]

It's truly amazing.

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