Saturday, March 14, 2009

I'm feeling quite lonely, considering my party pooping parents went to bed two hours ago, and I can no longer hang out with my friends because Shelbie is in Abilene for her father's birthday.

You can understand that I have been deprived from sleep/rest of all sorts, considering my sleeping problem, so anything I say or do, I CANNOT be held responsible for.

If you'll remember, earlier (in the blog below this one) I said I was going to write a story of me being eaten by a big giant squid. Well, I did. Yes, I know, I have no life. This is true, and I do not care.

Now before reading this thrilling action packed story, you MUST read the blog below. Or at least parts of it, in order to understand it's purpose.

Thank you for your time, and here is my CRAZY story that you know you secretly want to read:

The Giant Squid That Ate Ashlee
By Ashlee

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ashlee. She was fifteen years old, and a spectacular driver, I might add.

One day she became very bored, and decided to look on for a respectable car, with a reasonable price tag. To her surprise, she found nothing.

Upset with this fact, she began to let her anger out by blogging on It was at this glorious moment that the wonderful light bulb you see in movies, went off inside her head.

“A boat!” she gasped, “I’ll buy a boat!”

And she did just that! Within just a few days, she was at the local Boat Shop, picking out new leather seats for her beautiful brand new boat.

However, the next day she became irritated with the world around her. No one would do what she said, and her father refused to let her get her nose pierced. So she stormed out to her new boat, and headed for the lake.

Shortly after, she arrived at the lake, and soon enough she was shoving her boat into the perfectly cool water. She hopped in, and turned on the motor. Off she sailed, to pure happiness and relaxation. Or so she thought…DUN DUN DUN!!!

When she reached the middle of the lake, her eyes began to clamp, and soon enough she was layed back on her super comfortable water-repellant leather seats, snoring the day away.

BOOM! The boat began to rock. As the rocking became more and more fierce Ashlee woke with a gasp.

“What in tarnation is going on?” she questioned herself.

At this moment, she looked to her left only to see a BIG EVIL GIANT SQUID!

Seeing the squid, she instantly knew his name was Alfonso.

Alfonso grabbed the boat with his appealingly large arm thingy’s and swung it around until poor helpless Ashlee was flung into the black sea of death. Without thinking, Alfonso chomped down the boat in one simple swallow.

Now it was her turn! He swung out his large disgusting tounge and slurped her up, like she was a freaking cheeto!

She flew into his mouth, down his throat pipes and into his horrifying, smelly stomache in which the place she would be forced to call home for the rest of her life.

Meanwhile, her family and friends became worried. They sent out search groups, and helicopters, and her face was all over the news.

But no one thought to look inside of a big scary squid named Alfonso. No. No one at all.

After the search parties stopped looking, and the helicopters went home, Ashlee’s father said to himself,

“If only I would have let my perfect daughter get her nose pierced.”


you know you liked it :D haa

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