Thursday, March 26, 2009

:) web design.

So, I was talking to one of those layout site girls, and it totally made me miss the "world of web design", haha.

Like, a super long time ago I attempted a layout site (which was actually only graphics & the like), but I quickly got bored with it, and totally quit.

It was pretty complicated with all the codes & link & mumbo jumbo. It was also extremely stressful, and I got lots of headaches from staring at the computer all the time, ha.

But after talking to her, and looking over her graphics & photoshoped photos, I seriously missed it.

I wish I had more time and freaking patience.

I would re-open the site, fix all the graphics, and make it super cool :D

I'd probably consider taking web design classes online! Who knows...:)

Like I have time for that.

Haha, just dreaming. Maybe during the Summer? Idk.

OKAY. Sorry =] Pointless blog. Kind of.

Last time. Promise.

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