Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Look at this face! Does it look like it cares about you?"

It feels so good outside. It's like cold, but super duper refreshing :D.

Haha, just saying.

So Spring Break is like almost over. Kind of. Only 5 more days until we must return to the horrific place of drama, stress, homework, angry teachers, and the worst of all...track workouts. DUN DUN DUN!!!

I feel like I've totally wasted my Spring Break. I've really done nothing memorable. I've ridden bikes everyday with my friends. But that's not very exciting. Oh, and I have a track meet tomorrow. Which, by the way, is going to be FREEZING. And Audrey is totally going to beat me. Which, who really cares, anyway?

You see, Audrey has this little competition thing going on with me. She always tells me how hard she's going to try to beat me. Which makes me super nervous, haha. Luckily, she didn't last time, but this time she probably will.

She's been running and working out all the break, and the biggest workout I've gotten is walking to the fridge and back. :D haha.

But I don't really care if she beats me. I mean, it's going to be cold, I'm going to be tired, so screw the world! I'm going slow. Ha.


Moving on:

If you know me, even slightly, you know that I am like super obsessed with my future plans. I just want everything to be awesome when I grow up.

I don't want to end up like most people, sitting on my couch saying, "I sure wish I would have..." "Too bad I never got to...", and so on. I want to reach all my goals, and do everything the way I want to.

Just like Thoreau once said,

"Go confidently into the direction of your dreams. Live the life you've imagined."

So, I want to live the life I have imagined. After all, you only get one chance!

Here are my plans:

After three more years of horrible High School, I will graduate, and hopefully attend ASU. I want to go two years for my basics, and two years of Nursing School. While in college, I want to take lots of writing classes, and photography classes. I also want to have a job at the hospital. Not like a nurse or anything, but maybe behind the desk or something. If this doesn't happen, I want to work with children. Maybe at a daycare, or something. And then my last resort, is office working. I'm also going to be a volunteer at Big Brother's Big Sister's. Which means you get to hang out and talk to underprivelaged kids. It's super fun :D.

Okay. When I graduate from Angelo State University, I'd like to pack up and move to Wylie. I want to get a job at the Hendrick's Children's Hospital in Abilene, and be a Pediatric Nurse. If possible, I'd like to be a photographer on the side, and maybe even do some writing.

Once I'm a bit older, and a tad more experienced with life, I want to adopt at 7 year old girl. I want to give her life she normally would not have had. Then, as she grows up and gets older, hopefully I will meet a WONDERFUL man, and have kids of my own.

If something ever happens, as to where my working schedule isn't working out with my children's schedule, I will probably work part time as a pediatric nurse, and the rest of my time, be a subsitute teacher. I think that'd be fun.

Then, when my kids are all grown up, and in and out of college, I want to travel. Like, all over the world! Maybe even doing Missionary work! Once they start having children, I'll return back to my life, and possibly continue as a Pediatric Nurse, while being a grandmother.

(I really hope I have lots of money, so I can donate like LOTS of money to little kid organizations in like Africa and stuff :DDD. I also want a semi-large one-story house, that has lots of blue in it, and always smells like Febreeze! I want my house to be clean, ALL the time. That would be super great.)

That's all.

=] see ya!

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